Jerry Klingenburg opens a saw filing business called Ayr Saw & Tool in the town of Ayr Ontario. The company focuses on sharpening metal cutting cold saws.


Royce Carbide Tools of Cambridge founded by 4 Godbout brothers Herve, Gaetan, Donat and Rosario. Remi Baillargeon joined the company later by purchasing Herve's shares. The company focuses on sharpening and manufacturing carbide tipped cutting tools for woodworking industries.


Royce Carbide Tools moves operations to a new facility to meet growing production demands within the canadian furniture industries.


Gene Veening, Max VanTil, and Stan Puklicz purchase Ayr Saw and Tool from Jerry Klingenburg, and move the facility to a community farm in New Hamburg Ontario.


Royce Carbide Tools begins investments into Polycrystalline Diamond Tooling (PCD) as an alternative cutting tool material.


Ayr Saw and Tool purchases Royce Carbide Tools, and Royce//Ayr Cutting Tools is formed.


Royce//Ayr Cutting Tools moves to a brand new 40,000 sq foot facility to house more advanced manufacturing equipment to meet industry demands.


Royce//Ayr Cutting Tools adds 20,000 sq feet of manufacturing space for future expansion into growing markets in wood, metal, non-ferrous and composite industries.


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