Tungsten Carbide

What is it?

Tungsten carbide is created by heating and pressurizing a combination of tungsten carbide powder (WC) with a binding agent (typically cobalt). Tungsten carbide is often refereed to as "Cemented Carbide" or simply "Carbide". By varying the size of the tungsten carbide grains, and adjusting the amount and or type of the binding agent, different grades can be achieved. Some grades are extremely hard with excellent wear resistance, while other grades may have increased impact resistance, but limited wear resistance. Typically, carbide with larger grain size and higher binder content will be more impact resistant and less resistant to wear. Conversely, smaller grain size and less binder results in increased wear resistance. Because limitless amounts of grades that can be achieved, carbide is able to be used effectively in numerous applications. We have the resources and know how to select the grade that will perform best in your application.

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