Tool Life Maximization


Make Chips not Dust

From a tool life standpoint you want to have as high of a feed rate as possible in relation to your RPM. or another way of looking at it, produce as large of a chip load as possible. Many factors exist that will not allow you to reach this goal, such as.

  • Insufficient work holding (parts will start to move)
  • Unsatisfactory finish quality
  • Tool breakage (tool cannot withstand large chipload)
  • Machine horsepower or feed restrictions
  • Tool holder rigidity

All of the above considerations must be taken into account when optimizing your cutting parameters, there is not easy way to provide exact parameters unless all information is taken into account. A useful tool for finding starting parameters can be downloaded by select the icon to the right. You must have a version of Microsoft Excel 2008 or newer to use this tool. Simply enter in the working RPM, then the material being cut, style of tool, and the depth of cut, and a conservative starting feed rate will be provided.

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